"I have to say it?" the Vacation actress asked on Sunday's Watch What Happens Live when Andy Cohen pressed her to answer an uncomfortable question about her past

By Wade Rouse
Updated August 03, 2015 02:15 PM
Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Would you ditch a date with Brad Pitt?

Turns out Christina Applegate once did, and she was forced to recall the decision during a hilariously awkward appearance on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night.

“There’s much talk of a date you were on with Brad Pitt to the MTV Movie Awards in 1989 in which you reported you ditched him mid-date,” Andy Cohen started while playing “Plead the Fifth,” a game in which the host asks stars questions about their pasts and they can only plead the fifth once. “Who was the guy you ditched Brad Pitt for?”

“How many fifths do I get?” an instantly and decidedly uncomfortable Applegate asked the host.

“You had your fifth,” Cohen reminded the 43-year-old Vacation star, who passed on answering the previous question about which former costar was the most well-endowed, wisely pointing at her wedding ring.

“Was he well-known?” Cohen asked.

Applegate froze momentarily, asking, “I have to say it?” before quickly replying, “I don’t have to do nothing. I don’t have to do nothing.”

But Cohen press on, asking, “Was he an actor?”

“No,” she replied, before shutting her mouth and only mumbling replies to Cohen, agreeing the mystery man was well known to the public but someone she did not eventually wind up dating (nor did she date Pitt again, either).

“Well, you know, she answered four sub-questions from the main question, so I give it up to her!” laughed Cohen. “I liked that moment when she actually realized she wasn’t being held captive.”