"Both of those women had qualities I was looking for," he tells PEOPLE

By Carrie Bell
March 05, 2011 10:30 AM
Bob D'Amico/ABC (3)

Chantal or Emily – that is the question.

Despite their differences, Bachelor star Brad Womack tells PEOPLE, that both “would make incredible wives – incredible mates.”

“Both of those women had qualities I was looking for,” he told PEOPLE at a taping of Women Tell All, set to air March 7, about the final two women.

Chantal is “game for everything, easy, fun and we hit it off early,” he says. “There was immediate physical chemistry there. But we have had a lot of emotional highs and lows. When she gets so upset, like she did in Anguilla, it makes me wonder if we could find a rhythm and make it work for the rest of our lives.”

Things also got off to a quick start with Emily, whom he calls “an incredible mother – [a] really sweet and a caring, sensitive woman that is also quite easy on the eyes.”

“She went through a tough situation with the plane crash,” Womack, 38, says, “and becoming a single mom. But she rose to the occasion beautifully and I admire that. She makes me a better person when I am around her.”

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And the women’s pasts, Womack says, never ultimately informed his final decision.

“I chalked up Emily and Chantal’s situations [to] having a past,” he says. “I have one, too. And if anyone has baggage that should be of concern, it’s me.”

“That isn’t to say that Emily’s past didn t give me pause,” he continues. “It’s intimidating to think about becoming a part of her life. She lost a love in a tragic event while pregnant. That changes a person.”

Still, Womack says, he’s ready to make a firm commitment to whomever he picked.

“I was here to settle down, find a wife and get started on making a family,” he says. “I’m ready for all of that so, hell, if we can do it right away, great.”

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