By People Staff
Updated December 30, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Hector Vallenilla/PacificCoastNews

Whitney Port has just landed in New York City — and doesn’t even have a place of her own yet — and the drama is already started.

In Monday’s premiere episode of The City, Whitney gets a sense of the Big Apple’s two worlds, uptown and downtown. The guy she likes, Jay, is definitely of the latter — with his scruffy look, band rehearsals and an attitude that the one thing he has “is that I always do what I want and that’s it.”

Olivia Palermo, an uptown socialite (or “social”), is a coworker at DVF, who’s a little obsessed with Whitney’s status with Jay. At one of her famous dinner parties, Jay shows up to surprise Whitney after telling her he didn’t want to attend. Later, they’re the first to go and Olivia seems slighted.

If the first episode sets up how Whitney will be torn between the uptown and the downtown crowds, the second episode, which also aired Monday, sets up another dilemma: Can she trust Jay or should she trust Alex, a guy she once dated who wants to look out for her.

Alex tells her over lunch that he heard around town that Jay is still seeing his ex, a girl named Danielle. Jay says it’s not true but Alex and his roommate are confident in their sources.

The only new friend Whitney can trust, it seems, is her super cute pal Erin.

Tell us: What did you think of The City? Should Whitney trust Alex or Jay? Can she trust Olivia? What do you think of Erin?Michael Caulfield/WireImage