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Updated December 09, 2008 12:00 AM

Monday’s episode of The Hills was all about goodbyes. Whitney prepared to leave L.A. and People’s Revolution for a new job in N.Y.C. Steph let her brother’s opinions bully her into breaking up with her beau Cameron. And Lauren said goodbye to her teen years and her house in Laguna when her parents announced they were selling.

Whitney Spins Off Whitney’s boss set up an interview for her at Diane Von Furstenberg, which was looking for a new in-house publicist and image coordinator. Whit was excited by the job’s location — New York — but it gave her pause. “I don’t want to lose you but this interview is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” her boss told her. “The amount of experience you would have would be tremendous.”

Whit discussed the possible move with LC who summarized it as a potential for “dream boy, dream job.” She was bummed but happy for her friend’s opportunity. Whit summed up: “How could I not try it? I’d regret it if I didn’t, but I’m doing this purely for the job and not for any other reason.” Of course, she also declared that “she had to see Jay for a second” — even though she was flying in and out of New York on the same day.

The interview went well with Whit describing the job as an “awesome opportunity in a part of the fashion industry that I’ve never be able to really do” and experience at runway shows as “everything you can think of.” Jay met her curbside as she left the office and headed to straight to the airport. “I wanna get back here as soon as possible,” Whit declared. “I want to get out of L.A. and move here. Things could be like different.”

You Can’t Go Home That talk at Bond Street must have done the trick as Lauren and Audrina were back to hanging out. Aud admitted that she still wanted Justin-Bobby and that they had talked, but referred to her house as a bachelorette pad. LC broke the news that her parents were moving out of the Laguna house of her teen years. Aud compared it to “like growing up.”

LC went with Lo to pack up her room and looked like she was going to cry from the moment she walked in. Her mom explained the decision to exchange the hillside mansion for smaller digs: “My kids are grown up. We just have little Brandon and in two years he’s going away to college.” Lo and LC had a blast walking down memory lane, reading from her childhood diary and making fun of her gigantic first cell phone. She also found a will that requested that she be buried in her homecoming dress with her crown on her coffin.

LC reflected, “No matter what goes on in L.A., I always had this to come back to and it’s not the same. It makes L.A. a little bit more my home. I think it’s time to make my own home my home.”

Brotherly Love Advice She-Pratt met her brother at Pinches Tacos to get advice about Cameron, a guy she’d already broke up with once or four times. “He’ll be nice and then two days later it will all change again,” she said. “One thing was that he was like, ‘I always drive to your house.'”

Spencer went off: “He’s not worth your time if he can’t drive 15 minutes to see you. That’s just like straight punk. Why be sad over a guy who doesn’t stand up for you after somebody makes you cry twice? Go join a nun’s thing.”

Imagine his surprise when his sister later showed up to dinner at Falcon with the dude unexpectedly. “I didn’t know you two were back together. I’d heard some different things so this is quite shocking. My perspective is skewed. Last I’d heard, he was making you cry,” Spencer said. Cam’s response of “We’re going to try things out again and start over” made Spence’s eyebrows raise and Steph hid her face in her hands.

Later, Steph invited Cameron over to break up with him. “We know this isn’t working,” she began. He jumped in, “We both need to compromise and work this out because it’s worth it to me.”

She teared up and proceeded with the dumping: “I don’t know how much there is good in what we had. It feels like it was so long ago and I don’t know how it got so bad. This is the happiest relationship I’ve ever been in but it’s not there anymore. I deserve better than this. I just want to find a guy that makes me happy.”

Despite it being worth the fight a few minutes earlier, he caved. “If that’s what you want than that’s what you need.” Ho hum. — Carrie Bell

Tell Us: Is Whitney making the right move? Did you actually agree with Spencer Pratt and his advice for Stephanie? Was Lauren’s will awesome or embarrassing?

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