Mitchell Haaseth/Bravo
June 08, 2010 01:00 AM

The drama on Monday’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey primarily focused on a Facebook feud between the show’s most controversial star, Danielle Staub, and an up-and-coming troublemaker, Jacqueline Laurita‘s teen daughter Ashley Holmes.

Perhaps the juiciest bit of news, though, came during a commercial break when a promo for next week’s episode declared that one of the Housewives will be leaving the show for good. So soon? Season 2 is finally heating up!

But which New Jersey lady will leave? Maybe Jacqueline is done with drama before her daughter over does it. Then again, Teresa Giudice is facing financial trouble and could opt to deal with it privately. The cat-loving Dina Manzo tried to cut all ties to Danielle on Monday’s show – could she be sick of the cat-fighting? Her sister Caroline hinted that her family business is booming and it’s been a long time coming. Perhaps she’s ready to focus exclusively on working for The Brownstone – or retiring? And then there’s Danielle, who seems to be the source of much of the show’s scandal. Any chance she’s over airing her dirty laundry?

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