Which 'Bachelor' Contestant Is the Wackiest of Them All?

Michelle Money on Brad Womack's season is just one in a long line of women viewers love to hate

Photo: ABC (3)

Throughout 14 seasons of The Bachelor, viewers have witnessed true love stories, dramatic arguments, shocking rose ceremonies and, perhaps most fun of all, the perennial Bachelorette they love to hate. There have been some memorably zany ladies over the years – but which one is the wackiest Bachelorette of all?

Stacey Elza: While competing on Matt Grant’s season, an inebriated Elza (she admitted to downing too much champagne) slipped a pair of underwear into Grant’s pocket and then later passed out in a spare room, before the rose ceremony even took place.

Trish Schneider: Fondly remembered by viewers as the show’s first “stalker,” Schneider was rejected by Bachelor Jesse Palmer but then returned to interrupt him on a date with another girl, demanding to know why he’d let her go. Oh, and she proudly sported a memorable T-shirt that read, “Gold Digger – Like a Hooker … Just Smarter.”

Erica Rose: The tiara-sporting, self-proclaimed “princess” on Lorenzo Borghese’s season threw tantrums and complained to host Chris Harrison that the Bachelorette house didn’t have a maid.

Michelle Money: This season, she’s repeatedly given Brad a hard time for his decisions (“playfully” punching him in the arm) and showed up at his hotel room just moments after he ended his date with another girl. And, in Las Vegas, she straddled Brad and in a quasi-dominatrix encounter, wouldn’t let him speak as she voiced her opinions about who should be sent home next. (Brad seems to like it, though.)

Rozlyn Papa: Papa was asked to leave Jake Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor after allegations that she had an inappropriate relationship with a producer on the show.

Michelle Kujawa: It’s hard to forget Michelle’s intense stares on Jake Pavelka’s season – and her tearful confrontation when she threatened to leave the show and then awkwardly begged for a kiss moments later.

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