From indoor/outdoor slippers to The Situation's pick-up lines, tell us what icked you out the most on Thursday's episode

The Jersey Shore cast has never been known for their impeccable hygiene, but last night’s episode hit an all-time low.

Our country may be battling a bed bug resurgence, but personally, I’m a little more skeeved out by Snooki’s indoor/outdoor slippers.

Seriously, Snooki? Take a look at where you’re living! And you’re tracking it into your bed? For a girl who’s so intent on finding a boyfriend, this may be your first mistake.

Then, there was the bathroom. (Cue the shudders.) Angelina, who’s clearly vying for the filthiest roommate title, evidently missed the trashcan when she tossed a used feminine product.

But these are just two of the roommates’ habits shown on camera. Who knows what other disgusting specimens might be lurking under their Miami roof? Scientists (or a hazmat team) would have a field day in that house.

Speaking of science, I couldn’t help but watch the scene with The Situation and hot girl Samantha in the club as though I was researching mating rituals of the Jersey Shore species.

  • Situation: “You’re so hot!”
  • Samantha: “Thank you. I’m a model.”
  • (The pair size each other up)
  • Samantha: “You know, I’m Canadian.”
  • Situation: “Oh, yeah?” (Lifts up his shirt to reveal his abs)
  • Samantha: “That’s pretty hot.”
  • (The pair proceed to the club bathroom to “smush.”)

Only on Jersey Shore, folks. Only on Jersey Shore.