All About Ryan Seacrest's Olympic Experience – and His New TV Show in Rio

"I'm having a great time," the TV host tells PEOPLE

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Everywhere you look in Rio, there are reminders that the 2016 Olympics are here. The crowds. The logo. The athletes. And Ryan Seacrest.

Wait. Ryan Seacrest?

Yes, the TV host is in Rio to film his nightly show, Olympic Late Night. On the show, which begins on Saturday night, Seacrest will talk to athletes and share stories of the Olympic games. Broadcasting from Copacabana Beach, the program will have a laid-back, fun vibe.

Seacrest, who arrived in Rio several days before the Opening Ceremony, has been pre-taping segments that will air alongside live coverage each night.

“Obviously, everyone can’t watch every minute of the Olympics,” Seacrest tells PEOPLE in Rio. “So the show makes sure that people don’t miss anything. It’s basically, ‘what are five things I need to know?’ We answer that.”

“We’ll talk to the athletes who have won medals, and maybe some of the celebrities who are down here to watch the games, as well,” he continues. “We want to look at the fun stories – lifestyle, culture, and the sports themselves.”

Seacrest has already taped segments about Brazilian sports and lifestyles. And yes, there will be supermodels involved. (Brazilian models Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima will be part of the show.) “It has been really great to learn about things that we might not know about back home,” he says. “Playing beach soccer with new friends. It’s been a lot of fun.”

The one-hour show will also have several Olympic correspondents, like Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski. Each night will have several segments of competition, including live interviews with athletes. There will also be athlete profiles to set up competition of a key event for the following day.

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“It’ll be good for people who just can’t get enough Olympic coverage,” Seacrest says, “or people who missed the day’s events and want to catch up.

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One thing that Seacrest wants you to know: the reports of Rio being a dangerous wasteland are completely overblown. Few people in Rio are truly worried about Zika-carrying mosquitos. “I’m in short sleeves and not wearing any bug spray,” he points out. “And I’ve been completely fine.”

“If I hadn’t seen the news reports back up in the States, I’d have no idea that there were any problems down here,” he says. “Everything has gone really well.”

The first NBC Olympics Late Show Live from Copacabana Beach will air on Saturday night at 12:30 am ET.

To learn more about all Olympic hopefuls, visit The Rio Olympics begin Friday on NBC.

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