By People Staff
Updated April 21, 2010 12:00 AM
Credit: Mario Perez/ABC

“Well, finally!”

Those words from Daniel Dae Kim surely echo the thoughts of millions of Lost fans who were treated to a stirring reunion between on-island Jin and Sun Tuesday night after two full seasons apart.

“Everyone knew that it had to come sometime, somewhere,” Dae Kim tells PEOPLE. “It was a lot of fun to finally get to shoot that scene.”

Maybe for him; not so much if you’re Yunjin Kim, who plays Sun. “I was soaking wet the whole time!” says the actress of the reconnect, which took place on Hydra Island beach. There was also the little matter of shooting such an intimate, teary exchange — in which Jin tellingly promised to never again be apart from his love — in front of half the cast. “That,” she says with a laugh, “was a little challenging. It’s like, ‘Hey everybody, watch us make out!’”

This being Lost, though, there are only more challenges in store. With the couple, and the rest of their group, held at gunpoint by Charles Widmore’s henchmen in the episode’s closing minutes, “we all go back to the cage,” Kim teases of the next new episode. “The infamous cage that Kate and Sawyer had their love scene in” during season three. With Skate (Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly) included in the group of hostages, guess that means the fan-favorite couple is headed back there, too! Might it stir up the old magic between them?

Last night’s emotionally-rich episode was chock full of rewarding goodies for fans. Among them: The revelatory scene in the jungle between Jack (Matthew Fox) and Locke Monster (Terry O’Quinn) in which the latter confessed that it was indeed he who took the form of Jack’s father way back in season 1, and the cementing of Jack’s evolution from a man of science to a man of faith.

And then there were all those Sideways crosses: With the Island and Sideways worlds increasingly connected, a myriad of characters were woven into each other’s lives. A pregnant Sun and injured Locke, who was brutally run down by Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) at the end of last week’s episode, were wheeled into the hospital side-by-side (a development that seemed to majorly freak Sun out). Desmond steered Claire (Emilie de Ravin) towards Ilana’s law offices, where the pregnant Aussie eventually met half-brother Jack for the first time when he arrived for the reading of their father’s will. And then Jack was called away to operate on Locke! Det. Sawyer flirted with fugitive Kate, who’s still professing her innocence, then arrested Sayid (Naveen Andrews) outside Nadia’s home for the restaurant shootout where Sun was wounded.

Clearly, things are building towards one majorly jaw-dropping finale. “When I read it, it took me a couple minutes just to digest it all,” Kim says of the last script. “It’s huge, it’s emotional, and it’s going to be good.”

Among the still-burning questions that will finally be answered, according to the actress: Which candidate will take Jacob’s place in running the island. “I guessed right!” Kim says. “I also guessed who the mother of Jack’s son is.” Too bad she’s not willing to share those guesses with the rest of us.

Each season, producers have omitted at least one major-twist scene from the actors’ scripts and referred to it internally by a cheeky code name (a la “The Bagel” or “The Frozen Donkey Wheel”) for fear of any details leaking out ahead of time. This time around, the entire last act is M.I.A., which, according to executive producer Damon Lindelof, is simply called “The Last Act.”

“We didn’t do a code name this year,” he says, “because it sorta misleadingly infers there’s gonna be a shock or twist. So we just called it ‘The Last Act.’ I know. Not original. But the honest truth.” –Shawna Malcom

Tell us: Can you survive two whole weeks without a fresh episode of LOST? What was your favorite moment of last night’s installment?Mario Perez/ABC