By People Staff
Updated February 23, 2010 12:00 AM

It was one of the most – wait for it! – dramatic Women Tell All specials in Bachelor history, thanks to Rozlyn‘s perp walk and subsequent bad attitude, plenty of waterworks and some good old-fashioned name calling and finger pointing. Because it takes more than twice as long to shoot the gabfest than it does to air it, we’ve culled the best of what you didn’t see on screen here. –Carrie Bell

ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: Some of the other women ponied up more proof that Roz was having an inappropriate relationship. Roz used the Ambien defense with Gia on multiple occasions, saying she took a pill and passed out in the kitchen or elsewhere as the reason why she wasn’t in her bed at night.

HOST WITH THE MOST: Chris Harrison could probably host these very special episodes in his sleep, but he does make the occasional blunder like when he kept saying woman when he meant women. He also likes to goof around, teasing the men in the audience who’d gotten suckered into attending and warning folks to watch their language as a few children were present. One joke that didn’t see the light of day was his easily misinterpreted statement about how everyone looks good next to Ellen as in DeGeneres.

OK TO FALL: Ashleigh admitted she fell into Jake on night one on purpose and had practiced the move in her hotel room. Cut out was the fact that a producer stood in for Jake to help her to perfect her strategy for standing out.

DEFENDING VIENNA: Gia wasn’t Vienna’s only ally. Kathryn revealed that the finalist painted others’ nails. Ashley reminded the haters that she also cooked them meals. Ali even gave her support, saying Vienna didn’t deserve all the tabloid trashing. Even if she has done any of the things are saying, no one deserves to have all their private secrets out in the open in public, she told PEOPLE after the show. The stuff being said is so bad that I almost hope she’s with Jake so that he can support her through it.

NO KISS AND TELL: Elizabeth categorized her no-kiss rule as game-playing, which she regretted. Michelle thought she should consider herself lucky that Jake kissed her because he wanted to rather than out of obligation. Valishia claimed she had a no-kissing-before-wedding rule with her ex husband.

FASHION EMERGENCY: Gia, who told Chris she had almost a unibrow as teen, looked quite poised in the hot seat, but she was actually ready to rip her Alice + Olvia sequined number off. She said backstage, It’s giving me a huge rash under my arms and a sequin caught cut my thumb open. It’s getting donated. Ali loved her dress, but kicked off those very high heels in favor of purple Converse the instant she was off camera.

HUGGING IT OUT: Jake was sequestered from his former dates for most of the show, but he snuck a few hugs while doing press rounds. Probably the sweetest were the two shared by Ali and him. He told her she looked great and she said she missed him and then they joked about how the fact that they shared a warm embrace would be in all the magazines. I would have liked to interact with the women more. I haven’t seen them in months and I am quite fond of them, Jake said post-wrap. I would have even liked to talk to Rozlyn. I can understand being bitter, but these are consequences of the decisions she made. I don’t respect her trying to place blame on the show.