By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2020 03:55 PM
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

While The Bachelorette: Men Tell All special didn t quite make good on its promise to reunite this season s most memorable men – Justin, Frank and “Dangerous” Craig were no-shows – it did provide two hours of profanity-packed, humor-heavy, fun-filled, unforgettable, musical and emotional moments. But, considering the taping took four-plus hours to film, every juicy detail could not be included. Here s a look at the best of what you didn t see at home. –Carrie Bell

While most of the guys attacked Jonathan “The Weatherman” for ratting out Craig M.‘s “dangerous behavior to Ali, others defended him. Jonathan didn t start any of the drama,” Kirk said. “He was just defending himself. Kasey also stuck up for him by reminding everyone that Ali had asked the guys to identify who was not there for the right reasons. Even Ali was not upset with Jonathan for calling Craig s issues to her attention. I asked so I had to be prepared for the answers,” she said. “I appreciated Jonathan doing that and I feel he did it with the best intentions.”

Ali wasn’t the only one who liked Kirk‘s scrapbook. Though his male costars teased him about it, Many senior citizens have asked me to join their club and where I got my materials,” he says.

Chris N. (a.k.a. The Phantom) came up with his T-shirt gag for two reasons – to mock Justin ‘Rated-R’ Rego and to prove he is not a wallflower. My personality is a little more reserved and mellow than most of the guys in the house but I do talk and I do have a sense of humor,” he told PEOPLE. “I wanted to know that because otherwise everyone I meet from now on is going to be worried that I am boring and mute.

Jason, who exited the limo by flipping off of it on the first night, was partially glad to be eliminated right away because he d fractured his heel doing the stunt. It was a very hard walk to the airport, he said.

There was even more dirt on Justin that what aired on Men Tell All. Something that made the men suspicious of him right away was that his profession changed from one conversation to the next. He claimed to be a health club manager, personal trainer, wrestler, real estate agent and insurance salesmen all on night one, according to several of the men. Meanwhile, Jessie Sulidis said his ex told her that he had been unemployed when he left for the show. Plus, when Kirk overheard him making phone calls, Justin claimed he had been calling his mom because his cat back home had died, Kirk said.

Kasey said the latest song he sang for Ali was made up on the spot. “I sang on the show to be funny and I thought I’d give Ali and everyone else one last smile,” he said. As for that second tattoo he told Ali about, “I wrote Chris Harrison across my heart. No, that s not it but I’m not at liberty to say what or where it is yet, he said. “I was an anti-tattoo guy before this but now I might be a little addicted.

Between segments, the group was directed to use the women s bathroom because it was closest to their seats. Many of them commented that it was a little weird, but that didn t stop them from making a mess of the room. “I don’t think the women on the crew are very happy with us right now, Ty joked.

The men were torn when asked about Ali’s big decision between Roberto and Chris in the final rose ceremony. Overwhelmingly, the castoffs had been sure Frank would be the last man standing until he took himself out of the race. Kasey even claimed Frank got extra attention (hugs and kisses) from Ali when the cameras weren’t nearby.