The fitness model landed a part in Magic Mike XXL thanks to his "Nick the Gardener" gig on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

By Aurelie Corinthios
May 26, 2017 03:56 PM

When you live in Los Angeles, rubbing shoulders with Hollywood stars can become par for the course — and no one knows that better than What Happens at The Abbey‘s Billy Reilich.

PEOPLE recently caught up with the star — and resident hottie — of the new E! reality show, and he dished all about the star-studded crowd he comes across on a daily basis working as a VIP server at one of the most famous gay bars in the world. But his most memorable Hollywood moment? That would be when he landed a part in Magic Mike XXL thanks to his “Nick the Gardener” gig on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“I ended up doing a couple dozen Ellen shows, and they got me on Magic Mike XXL,” Reilich, 23, tells PEOPLE. “Just that experience alone, it was through the roof. Getting to meet all those people and do all of that was insane — it was a dream come true.”

So what was it like hanging out with Channing Tatum? Well, just as much fun as you might imagine.

“Because Magic Mike is his actual life story, he has cameos of his managers from the strip clubs that he worked at and of all his friends from back home that he was buddies,” says Reilich. “And so I got to meet all of them — by the time we finished, they were giving me a call, like: ‘Yo, we’re going out for drinks, let’s go!’ Obviously I went. It was a blast — it was so much fun.”

And what about Joe Manganiello?

“Joe is honestly the funniest guy I think I’ve ever met,” says Reilich. “Literally the second I met him he put me in a headlock and started doing an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. He’s also massive. He towers over me.”

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These days, Reilich, who is working to establish himself as a fitness professional, has a whole new gang of costars — and the What Happens at The Abbey crew is every bit as wild as they come across on television.

“It’s weird hearing costars, because I’ve worked with them for so long,” he says. “You see them as their goofy self and remember when they slipped and fell and dropped all their drinks that one time. Honestly, I think of them more as family. I have 250+ coworkers, and whenever I see them it puts a smile on my face.”

The cast of What Happens at the Abbey
Billy Reilich

And last but not least, we couldn’t help but ask Reilich if he had a comeback to his costar Ashlee’s epic dig that he has “protein shake breath.”

“What’s funny is now before I go out, I’ll send a Snapchat to the whole group of me shaking up a protein shake,” he says with a laugh. “Gotta make sure my breath is fresh before I go out! I don’t deny it.”

What Happens at The Abbey airs Sundays (10 p.m. ET) on E!