Steve Burns won't be returning for the Blue's Clues reboot this fall

By Natalie Stone
May 30, 2019 03:58 PM

After more than 20 years since it premiered on air, Blue’s Clues is returning to TV — but a very familiar face will be missing when it does.

Original host Steve Burns, who starred as Steve alongside animated dog Blue on Nickelodeon’s children’s show, will not be reprising his role as host of the revival.

When the reboot premieres this fall as Blue’s Clues and You, the show will be hosted by Broadway star Joshua Dela Cruz. And just like Burns did, Dela Cruz, 24, has a Thinking Chair, a Handy Dandy Notebook and friends like Tickety Tock, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, Mailbox and Magenta.

Burns, 45, appeared on the series from 1996-2002, when he left and was replaced by Donovan Patton as “Joe.”

“I knew I wasn’t going to be doing children’s television all my life, mostly because I refused to lose my hair on a kid’s TV show, and it was happening, fast,” he explained later in the special, Behind the Clues: 10 Years with Blue.

Although Burns, 45, won’t be returning, the revival has fans wondering: What is he up to?

BLUE'S CLUES, Steve Burns
Credit: Nickelodeon Network / Courtesy: Everett Collection

He’s alive and well.

In case any fans questioned his existence, Burns is letting fans know that he’s alive and well through his Instagram account. His account, hilariously titled @steveburnsalive, squashes any rumors that he’s gone off the radar.

He’s happy for Dela Cruz.

While Burns was initially hopeful of getting his job back, he’s elated for Dela Cruz to take on the position, and even had a hand in casting him.

“I had the great honor of being a part of the search for the new host, and I give Josh two thumbs up!” said Burns in an earlier statement. “He can definitely fill my shoes, and the rugby shirt.”

In September, he shared a screenshot of an announcement naming Dela Cruz as host, writing on Instagram, “You’re gonna love him. [tosses keys to big red chair to @j_deecee, wipes tear, disappears back into the fog and gloaming].”

Credit: Gavin Bond/Nickelodeon

On Wednesday, Burns also shared a clip of Dela Cruz in his role on Blue’s Clues and praised the actor on Instagram.

“So funny story Mr. Salt calls me and I’m all SALT! WUTS GOOD and he’s like Steve check it Blue has a new person and I’m like hold up WUT so I call Joe and Im all BRO IS IT TRUE and he’s like Yeah his name is Josh and he is like wonderful 3000 come through bruh,” wrote Burns. “I met him and turns out he is wonderful 3000 and I was all hey if you need any help with clues I can do that still and he’s all nah Im all good I got this but you left a sweater in the dryer and he is really the best and I cant wait until you meet him. Also Blue is 3D now and I’m shooketh.”

Dela Cruz replied, “This is amazing 🤣. Love you brotha. You left me incredibly big shoes to fill!”

He’s been traveling.

Burns has been traveling throughout the United States and across the world in recent years.

According to photos shared on his Instagram, he’s been to the Olympic Mountains in Washington, Utah, Italy, the Swiss Alps, Spain, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Chile and Antarctica.

He released an album.

In February 2017, Burns and The Flaming Lips’ Steven Drozd released an album titled Foreverywhere, which is an “album of everybody music for everyone,” according to the band’s website.

“Foreverywhere is part concept album, part legend, all play, fun and filled to the brim with immediate music that will be enjoyed by kids, parents, fans of The Flaming Lips and grownup fans of Blue’s Clues alike,” the website states.

Blue’s Clues and You premieres in November on Nick Jr.