What Did Peter Weber's Mom Say to His Dad in Spanish During the 'Bachelor' Finale?

Barbara Weber didn't hold back from sharing her opinions on Tuesday's The Bachelor: After the Final Rose episode

Peter Weber may be the star of The Bachelor, but his mother certainly stole the show during the live finale.

On Tuesday night’s After the Final Rose live episode, Peter, 28, reunited with Madison Prewett after ending his engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss. During his reunion with Madison on the in-studio couch, the pair said that they still love each other and are “taking it one step at a time, one day at a time” in their relationship.

While many audience members were happy to see Peter get a second shot at love with Madison, his mother, Barbara, certainly wasn’t one of them. She was seen rolling her eyes during Madison’s segment whereas she teared up and clapped during Hannah Ann’s.

After Madison, 23, and Peter shared the status of their relationship with viewers, host Chris Harrison asked Barbara, who was sitting beside her husband, Peter Sr., what her opinions were of them giving their love story a second try.

“I’ve gotten a lot of love on my DMs. But I will say, when I went for Hannah Ann, she was the one who embraced me with love. … I just loved her. The next day we met Madison and it started on a rocky road because she made us wait three hours to come in — she didn’t want to meet us. We had just come across the world, we were exhausted … and we had to wait three hours. And when she did come in, we didn’t get an apology. And when I proceeded to ask her if she was madly in love with my son, she said no that she wouldn’t accept a proposal in four days. … as a mother, that wasn’t what we were expecting,” she told Harrison.

“We just clicked right away,” Barbara said about Hannah Ann. “We, unfortunately, didn’t have that connection with Madison.”

Harrison then asked Peter Sr. what his take was on Peter and Madison trying out their romance again.

At that, Barbara was recorded saying something to the family patriarch. So just what did Barbara, who is Cuban, say? It appeared she told Peter Sr. in Spanish, “Di algo mal también, ayúdame.” Which translated to English means, “Say something bad, too. Help me.”

It comes as no surprise to Bachelor Nation that Madison wasn’t Barbara’s top choice for her son.

On part one of the two-part Bachelor finale on Monday night, audiences watched Madison meet with his family in Australia for the second time.

“I understand that you’re very religious,” Barbara told Madison. “Peter, he’s very spiritual, like I’m spiritual. But I just wonder how important it would be for you to have someone that’s on your same level of faith — because [Peter] is completely different. And Peter’s lifestyle, I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but he socializes, he parties.”

“I don’t want anyone to change him, because he is who he is, and we love him the way he is,” she continued. “I respect you for your values … but to tell someone else, when there are other girls that he has very strong feelings for, whether he wants to get physical with them or emotional, that’s up to him.”

Madison refused to apologize for her “standards.” But she did acknowledge their relationship wasn’t perfect.

Peter Weber

“There are a lot of differences, and there are a lot of things that we’re facing right now,” she said. “I think at the end of the day you have to ask yourself, is it worth it? Is he worth it, are you worth it, is it worth fighting for?”

By the end of the afternoon, it was clear where Peter’s family stood. As they saw it, on the one hand, there was Hannah Ann, who seemingly fit perfectly into Peter’s life, and on the other hand, there was Madison, who was raising “a lot of concerns and a lot of red flags.”

Madison, who is saving herself for marriage, had previously expressed to Weber that she wouldn’t be able to move forward if he slept with Hannah Ann and Victoria Fuller. While she was devastated after he confessed that he had gotten “intimate” during his Fantasy Suite dates, she ultimately decided to stick around. And though Weber was glad she had stayed, his family was concerned they might be incompatible.

One day later, Madison and Weber had their last one-on-one date, when she ended the couple’s relationship.

“It’s definitely hard for me to really be fully present in this moment,” she said. “Because we’re at that place right now where we have fought, we haven’t given up, but I’ve just realized, you know, it’s kind of time to surrender.”

Soon enough, she broke the news to Peter. “I think about love, and I think about how much I want you, and I want this so badly,” she said. “But I think when you want something so badly, a lot of times you can’t see clearly. As much as we want this, I don’t know that we can give each other what we need.”

“I think a lot of things have been brought more into focus over the past day or so — like how different we are, when it comes to marriage, when it comes to faith, when it comes to lifestyle,” she continued. “I want this so bad but I have to realistic. … I don’t know that we’re the best for each other.”

John Fleenor/abc

Peter was devastated. They hugged goodbye, and Madison left in tears — though she said she knew in her heart that she had made the right decision.

But during the live After the Final Rose episode on Tuesday, Madison admitted to Harrison that her love for Peter remained.

“I love Peter and that hasn’t changed since that day in Australia. And the love and care that we have for one another, I feel like it’s so evident and obviously …. those feelings just never went away,” she said of their time in Australia.

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