Wes Sees a Way to Weasel into the Brit Alliance in 'The Challenge: War of the Worlds' Sneak Peek

Stephen Bear is about to learn a hard lesson about The Challenge vet Wes Bergmann: He sees everything… and knows how to use it to his advantage.

In an exclusive clip from this week’s episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds, Wes spots Bear flirting with his fellow vet, Nany Gonzalez… unbeknownst to Bear’s current show flame, Georgia Harrison.

This sighting could have considerable repercussions for his relationship and for the alliance created among all the U.K. contestants.

“I’m coming for the British people,” Wes says in confessional. “The best to get rid of is Bear: Georgia is in love with Bear. This is a perfect opportunity to drive a wedge between the Brits.”


“A physical point of view ain’t a bad thing — you would be first,” Bear says, admitting he finds Nany more attractive than Georgia. He digs the hole deeper by saying the reason he’s with Georgia so much is because “me and you don’t talk.”

“Why can’t I have both?” Bear asks in the confessional. “A little cuddle from Georgia, a little kiss from Nany. I want loads of girlfriends!”

Nany claims she isn’t into it. “I’m not interested in him in that way.”

Watch Wes’ plot unfold (he’s been pretty darn successful this season so far!) when The Challenge: War of the Worlds continues on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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