September 16, 2016 04:45 PM

Wendy Williams has interviewed countless celebrities and discussed a wide array of topics throughout her seven seasons on The Wendy Williams Show – but there’s one topic she intentionally shies away from.

“I don’t like to say things are off limits, but I have said this before and I’m pretty consistent now that I’ve grown up and understood, everyone doesn’t want kids,” the talk show host, 52, tells PEOPLE.

She continues, “So if you’re in love and you’re married, I’m not the one to say to you, ‘So when are you having kids?’ ”

Having experienced personal loss through past miscarriages, Williams understands that pregnancy is a private and sensitive topic.

“I don’t know that they get offended, but having had miscarriages before in my life – now we have our beautiful baby boy who’s not a baby, he’s 16 – but I don’t ask that anymore because you never know somebody’s reason,” she reveals.

Set to enter its eighth season on Sept. 19, Williams also dishes on what she’s learned about celebrities during her time as a talk show host.

“Honestly, I like celebrities and I like celebrity culture, but what I’ve learned is that the ones that you are dying to talk to are the biggest disappointments,” she says of having a specific celebrity on her program that she has yet to interview, adding, “And the ones that you don’t expect are spot on.”

Season 8 of The Wendy Williams show returns Sept. 19 on Fox (check local listings).

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