John Oliver Eats Doritos and Caviar While Discussing RHONY with Wendy Williams

The Last Week Tonight host called Wendy Williams' talk show "an oasis of truth in a world of lies"

Name a more iconic duo — we'll wait.

On Tuesday's episode of Wendy Williams' Wendy @ Home, a shorter version of her talk show that she films inside her house amid the coronavirus pandemic, the host welcomed John Oliver as a guest. The two recently struck up a friendship after the Last Week Tonight host declared himself a "big fan" of Williams, calling her show "an oasis of truth in a world of lies."

Wearing matching gray sweaters with stars, Williams, 55, kicked off the interview by asking Oliver, 43, if he had received the gifts she sent him: a platter of Doritos and caviar, and a large painting of herself eating a lamb chop.

"I did, and let me say this before I show your viewers what you've sent: You know how to gift. Because I was not expecting this," Oliver said with a laugh. "You'll notice, I have a kind of nothing background, whereas you have a spectacular background, like a Liberace fever dream. You sent this — brace yourself. I mean, just look at that."

After propping up the painting behind him, Oliver dug into the chips and caviar.

"I will say, I don't like either of these foodstuffs separately," he admitted. "So I don't know quite what it's going to taste like together. Do you scoop?"

"Wow," he said after the first bite. "It's a lot, isn't it? It's not just one flavor, Wendy, it's all of the flavors."

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So how did Oliver become such a fan of Williams of late? The comedian came across a clip from Wendy @ Home while doing research for his own show.

"When we were starting our at-home episodes, we were looking for clips of other shows and what they were doing and we stumbled upon that first episode of you where you didn't seem sure that you wanted to be doing this," Oliver said. "And there is something absolutely electrifying about watching someone give absolutely zero f---s, and it felt like that's what you were giving."

"I feel invaded upon in a weird way," Williams admitted of producing her show remotely. "Do you feel invaded upon?"

"Yes — that's why I went with a white background," Oliver said. "I kind of just sealed people off. You get me and you get none of my life. Also, I will say, I do not have a spectacular, interesting place that I live in, unlike yourself."

Last but not least, the two discussed their shared love of the Real Housewives of New York City, which Oliver called "world-class television." As for his favorite Housewife?

"It's difficult to say, isn't it?" he said. "It's like saying who's your favorite when you're eating caviar and Doritos. It's not about the separate elements, it's about the combination."

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