'The Bachelorette' 's Wells Adams Is Moving in with Sarah Hyland in L.A.: 'This Is the First Step'

The Bachelorette alum and the Modern Family actress have been dating since last fall

Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland are taking the next step: They’re moving in together!

The Bachelorette alum revealed the big news on Friday’s episode of his podcast with Brandi Cyrus, Your Favorite Thing.

“Should I just say it? I guess it’s going to come out after, it doesn’t even matter,” he said. “I’m straight up moving to L.A. Should I not have said it? I’ve got to go!”

Asked what he plans on doing with his house in Nashville, Adams said he has yet to iron out the details.

“I don’t know yet. I might Airbnb it. I might just long-term rent it,” he said. “Problem is, it’s furnished. … I don’t know. I haven’t gotten that far. First thought is: Let’s go to California. Let’s move in with the lady.”

“If we’re going to take the next step, this is the first step we’ve got to take to decide if we can handle living with one another, you know?” he continued.

There is one thing he’s slightly apprehensive about, though.

“I’ll tell you what I’m most concerned about — I’m not concerned about us living together or us getting along or whatever,” he said. “I’m most concerned about my dog and her dogs. … Carl sleeps on my bed. And her dog Boo sleeps on her bed. What’s going to happen?!”

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The Modern Family actress and Adams began flirting on Twitter last summer during his stint as the bartender in Bachelor in Paradise — but Hyland had been vocal about her not-so-secret crush on the radio DJ since his time vying for JoJo Fletcher‘s heart on season 12 of The Bachelorette in 2016.

The couple took their relationship public over Halloween, and they have been more or less inseparable ever since, celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve together.

In March, Hyland opened up to PEOPLE about how the two were making things work long-distance.

“I think the longest we’ve gone without seeing each other is like two to three weeks, because five days is already too much for us,” she said. “So we always try to make sure to see each other.”

“He’s a friggin’ trooper and always flying out here every weekend or every other weekend to see me if my schedule has been too busy to see him — which it has been in 2018 with awards season and with Modern,” she continued. “But yeah — I don’t think it’s hard if the love is there.”

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