'Welcome to Plathville' 's Moriah Plath and Siblings Say They've 'Decided to Not Be Divided Anymore'

"We are actually a family that is full of love and respect for each other," the Plath family said in a joint social media statement on Friday

Moriah Plath talks to her parents on 'Welcome to Plathville'
Photo: TLC

The Plath family is coming back together. Kinda.

On Friday, Welcome to Plathville stars Moriah, Micah, Lydia and Isaac shared a lengthy statement via Instagram on behalf of their famous family to address the show's fourth season, which ended on Tuesday, and turmoil that the group has dealt with.

"We as a family have decided to not be divided anymore," began their statement, which was not shared by the other two family members on social media, oldest silbing Ethan Plath and his wife Olivia. "There is a lot more to the story than what you all have seen on the show."

"While we understand that this is a TV show and we are not in control how the show is edited, we are actually a family that is full of love and respect for each other," the family continued.

They added, "That being said, we as a family are not going to sit back and watch as our family is driven apart."

Referring to an example of a storyline from the last episode of their show, the family said, "What Olivia said about our mom using Ethan's credit card was not the full story."

"Mom and Ethan had a business agreement in which Ethan earned a good bit of money," they explained. "And both parties were aware of any transactions that were made. Our mom should have had the opportunity to defend herself and tell her side of the story."

"Some of us kids have been rebels and are finding our place in life and are very thankful to be supported and unconditionally loved by our family…no matter what choices we make or who we become," the statement continued.

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The statement also discussed the consequences of the misunderstandings about their family, especially among the younger Plaths.

"Please remember that we are human and do make mistakes," the family said. "Nobody is perfect and we continue to learn and grow with every day. Not one person is at fault. We also have younger siblings that are at very vulnerable ages and this is not fair nor healthy for them."

"We've come to the realization that unless we speak up this cycle will never end," they affirmed.

As they concluded their note, the family asked their followers to "have compassion for us and understand that not everything you see on the show is as it actually is in real life."

"THANK YOU for your continued support. Family first!" they wrote, before signing off: "With love from: The Plath Family."

Olivia Plath — who is married to Ethan Plath — appeared to have an opinion of her own about the family, however.

When a fan wrote a comment about "The 'Plath Family' post" on her latest Instagram, Olivia, 24, responded, "Dysfunctional systems like to protect dysfunction."

Welcome to Plathville
Olivia Marie Plath/Instagram

Later, Olivia shared photos from her travels in Europe with Ethan, writing, "How could you be sad in a place this beautiful? So grateful for these days spent exploring. I might never go home."

Olivia's brother, Nathan Meggs, also posted on Instagram with a note that said, "Be careful what you hear about somebody, you might be hearing it from the problem."

Reps for TLC and the show's production company have not yet commented.

Olivia and her mother-in-law Kim Plath recently exchanged their first words after years of silence in the show's season 4 finale episode.

Aside from dealing with her strained relationship with Olivia, Kim, 49, also recently announced she and her husband Barry Plath are parting ways after 24 years of marriage.

Olivia and Kim Plath from Welcome to Plathville

In an exclusive statement to PEOPLE, the former couple said, "After considerable thought and discussion, we have decided to end our marriage."

"While this was not an easy decision, we know it's the best choice for both of us," they shared. "We have been through many highs and lows in our 24 years of marriage and as we navigate this new chapter in our lives, we will co-parent our amazing children."

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