"The reason why I want to go over there is because I know that I have let them walk over both of us, and I don't want that to happen anymore," says Ethan Plath

By Natalie Stone
January 04, 2021 04:20 PM

Ethan Plath is preparing to confront his parents.

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek at the Welcome to Plathville season 2 finale, courtesy of TLC, Ethan tells wife Olivia Plath that he wants to go over to Kim and Barry Plath's home to say farewell to them and his youngest siblings — and confront his parents about their behavior.

"After we saw Isaac last year, we still weren't trusted to hang out with him — with any of my siblings, for that matter — unsupervised," Ethan tells the cameras. "So we just decided we were tired of all that and needed space."

Ethan and Olivia, both 22, are still on a "no-contact basis with his parents," she told PEOPLE last week.

Previously, Ethan revealed on the show that he and Olivia, who celebrated their two-year anniversary in October, "needed space as a couple, so we decided that that meant no contact with my parents," which he initiated after he and his wife were no longer allowed to see his youngest siblings.

Olivia and Ethan Plath
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When the TLC reality show debuted in 2019, viewers were introduced to Kim and Barry, who raised their nine children on a 55-acre farm in a rural part of south Georgia and have largely abstained from technology — all with the goal of instilling their traditional values and beliefs in their kids. They are parents to Ethan, Micah, 19, Moriah, 18, Lydia, 16, Isaac, 14, Amber, 11, Cassia, 9, and Mercy, 7. There's also daughter Hosanna, 21, a violinist who tours full-time with her pianist husband Timothy Nobel. They were married in the spring of 2019 and live in Ohio.

As seen on the current season 2, the conservative Plath family is at odds and has split into three households — Ethan and Olivia, Micah and Moriah, and Kim and Barry with their youngest children — though they all live just blocks apart.

The Plath family
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While sitting down with Olivia and holding a picture and handwritten note from Isaac, Ethan reveals in the season finale sneak peek that he wants to go over to Kim and Barry's home.

"I know we're not going to get to see them much at all until they're old enough to make their own decisions or drive themselves around," Ethan says. "And we don't know exactly when we're moving, but at some point we're moving out of Cairo, [Georgia], sooner rather than later."

"And I think we should go over and say goodbye, and I also have a thing or two to say to my parents about all this," he tells a surprised Olivia. "Not being able to see my siblings."

Continuing, he explains, "The reason why I want to go over there is because I know that I have let them walk over both of us, and I don't want that to happen anymore." He adds: "I think they should know that."

Beginning to tear up, Olivia asks her husband if he is also crying. "That's what I'm supposed to do," she tells her husband.

Coming to the decision to speak with his parents, Ethan declares that there is "no going back unless they make it right."

Like Ethan, Olivia also misses seeing the other Plath kids. "I would do anything to hug your little siblings," she says.

"Then we should go over and just tell them we love them," Ethan tells Olivia, who says, "Let's get it over with" before confirming if she can stay in the car.

Recently speaking with PEOPLE, Olivia said that Kim and Barry have not attempted to reach out to her and Ethan.

"When Ethan went no-contact, his parents basically said, 'Alright, we're totally fine with that,' and haven't made any effort to reconcile," she said.

Ethan and Olivia Plath
| Credit: Olivia Plath/ instagram

As for the decision to distance themselves, "It was the healthiest and best thing for us when Ethan decided that and just focusing on us, focusing on moving and growing," she said.

"And I'm focusing on the rebrand and my business and just trying to do everything I can to make sure I'm in a healthy and happy spot," added the photographer.

The couple is also preparing to move away from their hometown in Georgia.

"We're looking to move in January, and I also launch my new brand in January, and I'm really, really excited for that. I'm really excited to share all the photos from the brand launch and the website I worked really hard to build," Olivia told PEOLPE. "We're trying to start this [new year] out with a bang after January 2020 when we all thought it would be good."

The Welcome to Plathville season 2 finale airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.