October 16, 2007 12:00 AM

After the women bested the guys during week four of DWTS, every contestant stepped up on Monday night’s competition, which featured the waltz and paso doble. From Sabrina and Mark‘s spirited paso doble, Helio and Julianne‘s lyrical waltz to Cameron and Edyta‘s super-human paso doble, every couple brought their A-game to the competition–just in time to welcome co-host Samantha Harris back from maternity leave. While the couples all improved over the last week–and it showed in the higher marks–the usually generous judge Carrie Ann Inaba was a stickler for the rules last night, cracking down on couples who did off-the-floor lifts (a no-no for these two dances). Both Jane Seymour and Jennie Garth likely got points taken off for not adhering to the no-lift rule.

On the other hand, there was one couple that reached perfection, at least in the judges’ eyes: Sabrina and Mark, who scored the season’s first perfect marks: 30.

The most improved? Looks like all three judges softened their view toward boxer Floyd Mayweather. He made a breakthrough, scoring above the 7s range last night, which left Mark Cuban at the bottom of the heap after all the scores were tallied.

Tell us: Was Carrie Ann too tough on the contestants last night? Did Sabrina and Bryan give the perfect performance in your book? And who do you think will go home after Tuesday’s results show?


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