Week 9 Elimination: Amy on Switching Trainers and Training at Home

Photo: Photo: Mitchell Haaseth/Bravo

In a close vote last week, Isabeau chose to send to Amy home instead of Bryan. Amy’s fears that she would miss the Ranch have proven unfounded, however, as the 28-year-old mom of two from Rochester, New York, has gone from 297 lbs. to 187 lbs.! PEOPLE spoke to Amy about her feud with Kim, missing her kids and training at home. –Cynthia Wang

Much was made of your choice to switch trainers from Kim to Jillian. Was it worth it?I think changing from Kim to Jillian was the best decision I made while I was there. Jillian is a better fit for me. She pulls more out of me and has pushed me to my full potential and more. Once I made the decision to go with Jillian, you can see how I progressed and my weight loss was bigger with her than the whole time I was there, so I think the numbers on the scales spoke for themselves as to who was the better trainer and the better fit for me. Did your daughters notice that mom was much smaller when she came home?They just see mommy and because they are so young, they don’t know how to express it. I feel like once my four-year-old said, “Mommy, you’re not big any more,” but the two-year-old hasn’t mentioned anything except for the fact that she does not want me to go back to California!… Every day being away from my husband and my little girls was like something around my neck suffocating me. No one can understand what it’s like to be away from your little ones for three months unless you have lived it.

You were worried you could not duplicate your Ranch weight-loss efforts at home. How have you done it?Coming home after being away for three months, I was still just so focused. I went right into the grocery store and I would figure out every single thing I needed to have for my diet and then got right into the local gyms and starting working out two or three hours a day. I haven’t cheated on my diet once since I’ve been home except for one piece of Halloween candy.

How do you prepare for Thanksgiving?Thanksgiving’s OK! My life doesn’t revolve around food any more and before, I know it did. Now that I’ve made the decision to change my life, I can be thankful for my family at Thanksgiving, not “oh yes, it’s time to pig out because I can have so much food!” I will have turkey and vegetables and salad and really focus on what the holiday is about, which is being thankful for what I have.

You are no longer teaching?I resigned from my job teaching second grade and am devoting these next few weeks toward the finale. I am going to be working out six days a week and going back to the four hours a day like we did when we were on campus. It will be lots of cardio and just really working toward that goal of stepping on that scale and knowing that I gave everything. I am so excited for this. I’ve actually been offered a job with my local gym–they would love for me to come on board during the first of the year to maybe educate adults about making healthy choices, so I will still be an educator but maybe not for kids for a while!

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Photo: Mitchell Haaseth/Bravo

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