Wednesday's 'Idol' : What You Didn't See

Photo: F Micelotta/American Idol 2008/Getty

Some New, Some OldBritish pop sensation Natasha Bedingfield caught some attention with her long blond hair and midriff showing outfit as she watched the show sitting between the now regular spectator Danny Noriega and David Hernandez, who got a bear hug when Noriega spotted him. But it was Natasha and Danny who were swarmed with young girls seeking autographs. Both happily obliged each and every eager audience member that came their way. Last season’s Gina Glocksen and Constantine were also in the crowd and were teased by Corey the warm up guy about being in Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul. Jennette McCurdy, star of Nickelodeon’s iCarly, was surrounded by fans desperate for an autograph as soon as she was spotted in the audience. Other famous faces included Ugly Betty star Mark Indelicato, as well as Grey’s Anatomy‘s Sara Ramirez. And a very incognito, hidden behind his white cap and mirrored shades, rap star Lil’ Romeo.

Locked and LoadedSeason 2’s Top 3 placer, Kimberly Locke, 40 lbs. lighter and dazzling in a beautiful gown designed by Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, soothed the wild Idol crowd with a performance of her song “Fall.” During her pre-taped performance, Ryan decided to take a spot on the couch with the top 10, who were doing their best to groove along with the imminent elimination news in the back of their minds. But during the live show, when they re-played the performance along with a nostalgic lead-in video of her first moments on Idol, Paula and Randy giggled and teased Simon at the sight of that fantastic fluffy ‘do from season 2. After her performance, Locke received a standing ovation from the audience, and then quickly greeted the Idols before waving goodbye and leaving the stage.

His ChoiceFans haven’t forgotten Ryan’s comments the night before to David Archuleta and whether or not he’s going to attend prom and just exactly who he’s planning to bring. One female fan held a sign all night with a picture of herself and David on it that read: “David Can I Be Your Prom Date?” Another’s sign put it a little more bluntly: “Prom With Me David?” Who is the lucky girl going to be? That is the question that’s plaguing his young female fans — who, by the sound of their screams, can’t wait much longer for his answer. But whoever he chooses, one thing is for certain, it’s going to be his choice, as the 17-year-old Idol let it be known that, despite Simon’s comment Tuesday, he picked the obscure 80’s tune “You’re The Voice” himself and plainly let the judge know that it is actually one of his favorite songs.

Now You See Them, Now You Don’tThe magic of Hollywood allows the Idol folks to pre-tape such things as the call in segment as well as the live performances by guest artists before the live show even starts, allowing themselves a little bit of time to fix any potential mess-ups. But at mid-show, when suddenly Chikezie and Syesha, who have both been seen sitting in the stools designated for those in the bottom 3, are now on the couch, answering questions as if their Idol status no longer in question, something is amiss. Ryan can try and pull it off, announcing that they’ve moved them over, but it just doesn’t meld. When Kimberly Locke’s performance was running on the monitor, Syesha decided to head over across the stage and spend some time chatting up friend Carly Smithson (who just found out she was safe) over on the couch — and then Chikezie followed suit, also heading over to hug and chat with pal Michael Johns. These two spent so much time over with the safe Idols, that producer Nigel Lythgoe had to go up on stage and lead them back to their seats.

What’s Your Sign?Jason Castro liked an audience member’s “Happy Birthday” sign so much that he folded it up and took it away with him after the show. But he wasn’t the only one fans in the pit and bleachers were thinking about. One sign certainly brought good luck to Irish native Carly, who had been in the bottom three last week, when they held up, “We Shamrock Carly.” And another fun one for her read “Carly is my home slice.” Other noticeable signs in the crowd: “Brooke White is All right,” “Simon is spot-on” and apparently, Paula can do more than judge a show, as one person displayed: “Paula saved my best friend’s life.”

Tough CallCarly Smithson and Brooke White, the first to learn they would not be leaving the show (for now), hugged each other tight as the Ford video “I Want You to Want Me” played on the big screen. David Archuleta and David Cook both doled out high fives as they took their safe spots on the couch. And the always mellow Jason Castro threw his hands over his face, leaned back and sighed after Ryan, who had been teasing him a bit earlier, let him know that he had made it another week. It seemed like Syesha would be safe, as she was all smiles all night long, even when she was sent to sit on the stools. When Chikezie received his walking papers there were few, if any, tears for the crooner who will be back on the tour with the rest of his fellow contestants in no time. Instead, it was support and love from everyone from Debbie the stage manager to Simon Cowell, to the other Idols who jumped up for a group hug as soon as he was done singing. –Jed DrebenF Micelotta/American Idol 2008/Getty

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