Wednesday's 'Idol' : What You Didn't See

Photo: Charley Gallay/WireImage

PRE-SHOW FUN Lucky fans that arrived early got to see the pre-show taping of a live performance from former Idol Katharine McPhee, who sang George Harrison’s “Something” accompanied by 14-time Grammy winner David Foster on the piano. The contestants looked a little stiff on the couches during the performance, as they were waiting to learn the results, but the judges enjoyed seeing a former runner-up doing so well. After her performance, Katharine (making sure that short skirt stayed down) made her way over to say hello to the hopefuls and then through the mosh pit to greet fans before finally stopping by Randy, Simon and Paula. The judges were ecstatic to see her, but even more excited to get a look at the ring on her finger and congratulate the recently married singer.

JIM HEARS AN IDOLAfter the judges and Ryan Seacrest made their entrance one-by-one, hitting their marks and coming in perfectly on cue, the audience was wowed when a man in an elephant costume came into the crowd and turned out to be none other than Jim Carrey, dressed as Horton, from his new Fox film Horton Hears a Who! After sitting through the Beatles medley, which included “Can’t Buy Me Love” and “Help,” Carrey was escorted out of the stage area to change out of the big ears. He then watched the show with producer Nigel Lythgoe, and during one of the breaks, Randy and Simon came over to goof around with the funnyman.

WELCOME BACK, SANJAYA Looking a little matured with his hair down and with goatee stubble, Sanjaya Malakar and his sister Shyamali were in the audience. Within moments of taking his seat, eager fans swarmed the former contestant to ask for autographs and photos. During the first break, Corey the warm-up guy alerted the crowd that Mr. Mohawk was in the house and asked, “Where’s the crying girl?” Later, the judges happily greeted last season’s teen sensation with hugs and kisses before posing for a photo.

DANNY & RAMIELE’S LOVE GOES ON When Ramiele Malubay told PEOPLE that Danny Noriega is her other half and that “as long as I’m on this show, he has a ticket to be in my part of the audience,” she meant it, as the “Tainted Love” singer found himself sitting in the crowd for Wednesday’s results show. As fans came up to ask for autographs and photos, Danny obliged. Even Simon got up from his seat to chat with him during a break. But wearing a white T-shirt with a picture of Ramiele on the front and back that read “Vote for Ramiele,” his main focus was on his pal, as he blew kisses to her onstage.

THERE ARE SIGNSThere’s no shortage of David Archuleta support in the audience, as female fans go crazy with screams anytime his name is mentioned. One fan put it simply: “Imagine David Archuleta.” The same is true for Jason Castro, who definitely heard some squeals and probably saw some signs that read “I heart Jason” and “Sing to me, Jason.” David Cook and Michael Johns also got some Beatle-like screams of their own from women in the audience. One Chikezie fan, who couldn’t be there, had his friend relay a message by holding up a sign all night that read “Paul hearts Chikezie.” Paul, whoever and wherever you are, he got the message!

GOODBYE DAVID! The goodbye for David Hernandez was an emotional one. The Idol stage was covered in tears as judges, contestants and even Ricky Minor came to bid him farewell. Chikezie, who has been roommates and a strong supporter of David since the beginning, let tears stream down his face as he watched his friend say goodbye. Simon took David aside and gave him a very long and endearing pep talk before Randy offered some words of wisdom. Syesha Mercado, who had been gripping hands with the other contestant in the bottom three, Kristy Lee Cook, only moments earlier, was also in tears as she said farewell. Then, all the contestants surrounded David in a heartfelt group hug to show their support and respect for the one America had dismissed. –Jed DrebenCharley Gallay/WireImage

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