By People Staff
Updated September 24, 2009 12:00 AM
Credit: Adam Larkey/ABC

Remembering Patrick: The most memorable moment of the night was when the pro dancers performed to several songs from Patrick Swayze‘s movies. Chelsie Hightower and Dmitry Chaplin kicked off the tribute, followed by husband and wife pros Jonathan Roberts and Anna Trebunskaya. But the most rousing part of the number was Cheryl Burke and Tony Dovolani‘s reenactment of Dirty Dancing‘s most famous scene. As “Time of My Life” played, the crowd was on their feet, clapping to the music. “It was hard for me to keep control,” said Burke, who had tears in her eyes. “Right before the lift at the end, I was standing there and the dancers were facing me, dancing, and I was like, ‘Get it together. This is live.’ I knew that was the make it or break it. But after the dance it was all a little emotional.” Many audience members were also moved, including Burke’s partner, Tom DeLay. “I snuck out to watch it and it was special. She was precious,” DeLay said of her performance.

Waiting Game: Elimination night is never easy, especially when it’s the first of the season. DeLay says waiting to hear if he would be spared “was as bad as waiting for results on election night.” Kelly Osbourne, who performed an encore of her Viennese waltz, tells PEOPLE she was a bundle of nerves. “My whole thing was as long as I didn’t get knocked out first, I’ve won,” she said. “I hated that moment. It was horrible. I’m going to celebrate tonight with a hot bath and a good night’s sleep.” Michael Irvin also breathed a huge sigh of relief when he told he’d move on in the competition. For the former Dallas Cowboy star, NFL took on a new meaning: not for losers. Before Wednesday’s show Irvin says he had a pep talk with himself. “I got so nervous. That nervousness and fear took me through a roller coaster,” Irvin says. “The one thing the guys (including former DWTS champ and Cowboy teammate Emmitt Smith) said was, ‘If you get eliminated the first week, Mike, we will be on you the rest of your life.'”

The Walking Wounded: Following the results, Debi Mazar was in a neck brace. “After going full out last night, my muscles in my neck are torn and completely swollen and filled with fluid,” she told PEOPLE. “I’m having spasms and basically I can’t move. So I’m having an MRI tomorrow morning.” Does she think she’ll be okay in time for next week’s show? “Oh yes, I’ll be fine. I’m having sex and everything. Don’t worry.” TMI! Pro dancer Anna Demidova, who is making her DWTS debut this season, was the victim of a hit-and-run accident three weeks ago. She tells PEOPLE she was hit by a car “in a crosswalk. I tore my left shoulder. It’s still a little off.” The accident occurred while she in the early stages of training Irvin. But in true DWTS fashion, Demidova didn’t miss a step. “I had to teach Michael without picking my arm up, but we did it.”

Family Friendly: Kathy Ireland is glad to move forward in the competition, but she is hoping that future judges’ critiques will be more appropriate for young viewers. Ireland bristled when Bruno Tonioli scolded her salsa for not being sexy enough. “Sex, sex, sex. We like loose women here,” Tonioli told Ireland Tuesday night. “I love good, constructive criticism,” Ireland says. “My challenge is I’m a mom. We’ve got three kids who were in the audience. It’s Disney. 25 million viewers — that’s a lot of ears. Words have such an impact. For me, bring it on. I can take any kind of criticism. But for little impressionable ears to hear that…” Ireland says she knows Tonioli didn’t literally mean what he said. But, she says, “we need to be mindful of how we shape the minds of children for a show that comes on at eight o’clock.”

Ladies’ Lunch: Host Samantha Harris and her daughter, Jocelyn, enjoyed some bonding time on Tuesday. “Today is her second birthday,” Harris says. While it was a bummer mom had to work, Harris says the two gals had lunch with Daddy (Michael Hess), and made a special trip to the American Girl store at The Grove. –Monica RizzoAdam Larkey/ABC