We Stalked the New 'Bachelor' Contestants on Instagram So You Don't Have To — Here's What We Learned

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Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC

A new year, a new pack of Bachelor contestants to start following on Instagram.

While we’re looking forward to Nick Viall‘s dramatic journey to find true love, we’re just as excited about getting to know the women vying for his heart, through watching them on the show and obsessively tracking their social media footprints.

If you don’t have 10 hours to spend looking up all the remaining Bach contestants on Instagram, don’t worry. We got you. Here is what we learned from the Instagram accounts of 16 of the remaining 22 contestants.

Britney Farar: Loves Ice Cream


We are very pleased to see that she appreciates the value of swirl soft-serve. Why choose between chocolate and vanilla when you don’t have to?

Astrid Loch: Takes Halloween Very Seriously

We can respect that.

Alexis Waters: Loves the Blemish-Clearing Snapchat Filter as Much as You Do

The aspiring dolphin trainer can take a selfie.

Kristina Schulman: Has Mastered the Holidays

Also, we need that sweater.

Raven Gates: Celebrates Galentine’s Day

So much respect.

Jaimi King: Can Rock Purple Lips

We’re as surprised as you!

Corinne Olympios: Had a Colorful Streak


Small business owners can let loose, too.

Danielle Lombard: Eats Pizza in Bed


Also, she’s an actual model with more than 120,000 followers.

Danielle Maltby: Loves Juice

Sorry, this is the most controversial thing we could uncover. Her record is clean.

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Liz Sandoz: Takes Road Trips


… And looks more sophisticated in a North Face than any of us ever will.

Elizabeth Whitelaw: Ride-or-Die Flower Crown Snapchatter

You look great, girl.

Hailey Merkt: Embraces Her Past


This is our favorite #tbt in recent memory.

Josephine Tutman: Looks Edgy Drinking Beer


We will not rest until we find and purchase those shorts.

Jasmine Goode: Stuns in a Bikini

Who’s surprised?? Goode is a professional dancer for the San Francisco warriors.

Sarah Vendal: Has the Biggest, Best Smile

Case closed.

Whitney Fransway: Doesn’t Get All Sandy When She Lies in Sand


Consider us impressed and suspicious.

Nick, now that we’re emotionally invested, we beg you to be careful with these women’s hearts.

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