Watch Willie Garson's Best 'Sex and the City Moments' After His Death at 57

The veteran actor died Tuesday after battling pancreatic cancer

willie garson
Willie Garson on Sex and the City . Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/Hbo

Willie Garson is gone, but his legacy on Sex and the City lives on.

Garson died Tuesday after battling pancreatic cancer, PEOPLE confirmed. He was 57.

Though his many acting credits include White Collar and Hawaii Five-0, Garson is best known for his role on Sex and the City.

Garson starred as Stanford Blatch, who was best friends with Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw, throughout the HBO show's six-season run. His character also appeared in both Sex and the City films and is set to return for HBO Max's upcoming And Just Like That... revival series.

Remembering Garson, Sex and the City creator Darren Star described him as "sweet, soulful and hilariously funny."

"Willie touched all of us with his big heart and generous spirit," Star, 60, told PEOPLE. "The man behind Stanford was a loving father, a mensch to his friends and radiated kindness to all. He is gone much too soon."

As a way to reminisce over Stanford's snappy and iconic one-liners, scroll down to see some of his best moments from the Sex and the City franchise.

Reacting to Carrie's Embarrassing Runway Fall

While supporting Carrie hitting the runway at a major fashion show, the gang witnessed Carrie take a huge tumble on the runway — and supermodel Heidi Klum literally walked over her as she remained on the ground. At that moment, Stanford dropped the perfect one-liner: "Oh, my God! She's fashion roadkill!"

Modern Day Single-Bashing

In this season 1 scene, Carrie's former flame and his life partner ask her about donating a "top-notch egg" so that they can have a child. The subtleties in Garson's approach in this scene were all too perfect, from the slick bit of shade to how he supported Carrie after the awkward encounter.

Seeking Bigtool4U

As Stanford ventures into the world of online dating, he seeks Carrie's advice about whether or not he should meet a potential suitor at a local gay bar. Upon heading to the venue to search for user Bigtool4U, he is immediately required to strip down to his underwear — and that's only the beginning of the hilarity to come.

A Tiff Among Foes

While dining out with his beau, Stanford spotted his at the time enemy Anthony sitting with Charlotte York (Kristin Davis). Though Stanford approached their table to try to one-up Anthony, the conversation quickly turned into a hilarious tension-filled verbal exchange between the two.

Best Wedding Ever

Stanford's wedding to enemy-turned-lover Anthony was easily the event of the century, especially as Liza Minnelli was tapped to officiate the extravagant affair. Aside from Stanford's excitement over Liza's presence, he shared a sweet moment with Anthony during the reading of their vows and a heartfelt exchange with best man Carrie before the ceremony.

Prom Queens

When Carrie and Stanford attended a gay prom fundraising event, the two best friends were both crowned prom queen. They eventually share a dance together, which is a sweet moment that got interrupted by Stanford's boyfriend Marcus.

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