Hulu's New 'Mike' Trailer Gives First Look at Trevante Rhodes as Mike Tyson

The limited series will be released on Hulu on Aug. 25

Trevante Rhodes is gearing up for the fight of his life as he portrays Mike Tyson in the upcoming Hulu limited series, Mike.

In the official trailer unveiled by PEOPLE, Mike (Rhodes) begins by acknowledging how the world views him.

"People just see an animal. They call me a savage. I'm the most vicious, ruthless champion there's ever been. No one can match me," says Rhodes, 32, as Tyson, now 56. "My style's impetuous. I'm ferocious. I want your heart, I want to eat your children. Praise be to Allah."

While in prison gear, Mike turns to the camera and asks: "Is that who I am?"

Mike -- “CANNIBAL” - Episode 107 -- Tyson examines the complicated events that led up to his fight with Evander Holyfield and the ‘bite heard round the world.’ Mike Tyson (Trevante Rhodes), and Don king (Russell Hornsby), shown. (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/Hulu)
Alfonso Bresciani/Hulu

The limited series follows the boxing icon's dynamic and controversial life, covering his childhood and his multiple run-ins with the law — several, of which, landed him behind bars. Viewers, of course, will also see Tyson's rise to becoming a boxing legend.

Laura Harrier joins Rhodes as now-ex-wife Robin Givens alongside Li Eubanks (Desiree Washington) and Russell Hornsby (Don King). The series is from creator/screenwriter Steven Rogers and the team behind I, Tonya.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, series showrunner Karen Gist opened up about the intention behind the show, saying that it's not "meant to glorify his life."

"We were never trying to say that Mike Tyson is a hero or Mike Tyson is a villain," Gist said in June. "Our goal was to take a very complicated and controversial figure and try to get under the hood of what he was praised and vilified for while staying true to our North Star of 'no one person is one thing.'"

Mike -- “JAILBIRD” - Episode 106 -- Mike reflects on his 3 years behind bars at the Indiana Department of Corrections. Diesel Madkins, and Mike Tyson (Trevante Rhodes), shown. (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/Hulu)
Alfonso Bresciani/Hulu

"The show is not supposed to be a love letter or an indictment, which is why we had to include all the good, the bad, and the complexities of both," Gist added.

Tyson, 56, has long been regarded as a controversial figure in the world of boxing and entertainment. Several of his widely criticized moments will be explored in the limited series, including his tumultuous relationship with Givens and the infamous bite he took of Evander Holyfield's right ear in 1997. The move disqualified and temporarily banned Tyson from the sport.

Mike -- “DESIREE” - Episode 105 -- An 18 year old honor student from a small town in Rhode Island named Desiree Washington accuses Mike of rape. Mike Tyson (Trevante Rhodes), shown. (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/Hulu)
Alfonso Bresciani/Hulu
Mike -- “MONSTER” - Episode 102 -- Cus D’amato discovers Mike at 13, gives him discipline, extremely honed skills and an ego, transforming Mike into the youngest Heavyweight Champion of all time. But at what cost? Mike Tyson (Trevante Rhodes), shown. (Photo by: Patrick Harbron/Hulu)
Patrick Harbron/Hulu

Tyson initially retired in 2005 but returned in 2020 for a special eight-round exhibition match against 51-year-old Roy Jones Jr.

The fighter spoke with PEOPLE ahead of the momentous fight, revealing that he's focused on prioritizing his mental health since stepping away from the sport.

Hulu Release First Official Trailer for Mike Tyson Series Starring Trevante Rhodes

"I work on trying to be grateful, I really work hard at that," Tyson said.

"That's my goal in life," he continued. "It's almost like reaching my favorite me. Every few years, I get better with the goal of being the best me I can be."

Mike premieres Aug. 25 on Hulu.

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