Watch Out, Jimmy Fallon: Stephen Colbert Can Sing (and Dance), Too!

With Colbert taking over from David Letterman next year, The Tonight Show won't be the only program with a host who can carry a tune


Jimmy Fallon joked on Twitter that Stephen Colbert will need to change his first name to Jimmy when he joins the ranks of late-night talk show hosts next year, but he might not be smiling once the Colbert Report star settles into David Letterman’s chair.

That’s because Fallon is not the only triple threat in town – Colbert (who will be ditching his ultraconservative alter ego when he takes on the new gig) has some serious singing skills. We’re talking Broadway serious.

Here’s Colbert on stage at the Lincoln Center in N.Y.C. in 2011 with Neil Patrick Harris in Company (and yes, Jon Cryer can also carry a tune, who knew?).

And speaking of Broadway, here he is with Tony winner Audra McDonald in 2012. McDonald has also duetted with Fallon, will she be forced to pick sides?

Heads up, Fallon. Colbert doesn’t just sing, he can dance too. Check out his go-go moves with Steve Carell and Jon Stewart in a number about Captain Sully.

Want more moves? Well, how about some liturgical dancing. Preach!

And how about some lip-syncing and booty-shaking with Jeff Bridges and rollerboogie with Bryan Cranston?

Colbert Punk from kerry morrison on Vimeo.

If you ask us what the world needs is more singing and dancing hosts (we’re looking at you, Anderson Cooper). Here’s Fallon and Colbert together – hopefully not for the last time.

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