June 10, 2017 09:52 AM

There has been a lot of drama in this season of Naked and Afraid XL.

Literally hours after he stripped down in Ecuador, participant Charlie Frattini severely twisted his knee while gathering firewood. It was the first of four foot injuries that resulted in people leaving the adventure. Matt Alexander left after his foot was injured. Lacey Jones then hurt her knee and was evacuated.

But none of the injuries were as devastating as Day 20, when the tribe’s main provider Matt Wright got a flesh-eating bacteria in his foot, a development that could have resulted in amputation or even death. Wright, a Colorado-based survivalist, was medically evacuated on Day 20. (He has fully recovered.)

But besides the pig hunts and injuries, the season delivered more drama than previously seasons, thanks to two factors: the addition a new survivalist on day 21, and the ongoing disagreements with participant Russell Sage, who voluntarily tapped out on Day 32.

Now Sage is gone and the adventure is nearing its final days — but the drama looks like it’ll continue until the end. In an exclusive clip provided to PEOPLE, two of the survivalists argue over the tribe’s raft while a third participant tries to keep the peace.

Amber, a U.S. Army Instructor from Colorado, is talking to another survivalist about improving a raft that had been built by former Army ranger Chance Davis. Davis overhears the conversation, and a not-very-pleasant exchange ensues. Fernando Calderon, a firefighter/paramedic, is clearly uncomfortable and tries to smooth things over.

Chance Davis

Calderon is unsuccessful, and he argument escalates. (In an unintentionally funny clip, we see his naked butt in the background as he walks away from the ongoing disagreement.)

It’s hard to say who’s right and wrong in the argument. After nearly 40 days of naked starvation and sleeplessness in the bug-infested Amazon, nerves are bound to get a little bit frayed.  To see the full disagreement check out the above video.

The season finale of Naked and Afraid XL airs Sundays (10 p.m. ET) on Discovery Channel.

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