Watch Maisie Williams - 5'1" – and Gwendoline Christie – 6'3" – Rehearse for That 'Game of Thrones' Fight

Go behind-the-scenes of the fight between Arya Stark and Brienne of Tarth

Game of Thrones withdrawal is setting in, but HBO is easing the pain by pulling back the curtain on one of this season’s most iconic fight sequences.

As part of their ongoing The Game Revealed series (which is a must watch for anyone who doesn’t want to wait until 2019 for more episodes), the filmmakers take fans behind-the-scenes of the epic sparring session between Arya Stark of Winterfell and Brienne of Tarth.

The sequence, which pitted the 6′ 3″ actress Gwendoline Christie (who plays Brienne), against the 5′ 1″ Maisie Williams (who plays Arya), was one of the most surprising and entertaining moments of a very eventful past season.

In the scene, Brienne, one of the deadliest knights in the Seven Kingdoms (just ask The Hound), brings her brute force style of fighting against Arya’s training as a nimble water dancer. But the sparring is all in good fun, as Christie’s character is one of the Stark’s sworn protectors.

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The clip gives a never-before-seen look at how the battle was shot, showing how the actresses trained for the fight scene, and how their stunt doubles were integrated into some of the trickier moves.

While they made it look easy, Williams — who fights with her left hand despite being right handed as her character is left handed — says it was far from it.

“To be fighting Gwen who is far over a foot taller than me and for her to be fighting someone who is far, far shorter than her its been a massive challenge,” the shorter star said in the video.

Her taller opponent said the fight was more than just swashbuckling.

“In a fight, it’s so much more than just choreography. Every movement says something about the character. It tells the story of these two very different warriors.”

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It was a scene both Christie and Williams enjoyed filming, with the latter previously telling Entertainment Weekly, “Working with Gwen was great fun. She’s been fighting people around the same height as her, and I’ve been used to fighting people who were close to my height, so we both had a lot to get used to.”

“Oh, it was really fantastic,” agreed Christie. “We worked really hard on it. It’s exciting when you learn skills on a job but even more when you get to develop those skills. It was exciting to see that development somebody else too, in Maisie.”

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