Watch: Idina Menzel Sings 'Frozen' 's 'Let It Go' Perfectly – with Classroom Instruments

The artist showed up on The Tonight Show to perform a even-more-kid-friendly version of the hit

Photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

You’ve seen "Let It Go" performed by a 9-year-old. You’ve seen it performed in Times Square. You’ve even seen it performed by Adele Dazim. But you’ve never seen it like this.

Frozen star Idina Menzelstopped by The Tonight Show Monday night, and took the film’s Oscar-winning ballad out for a spin in Jimmy Fallon’s patented Classroom Instruments Cover Method, which instantly turns any song into an exercise in homespun cuteness.

We were slightly skeptical at first about how well the sweeping ballad would play in its new stripped-down version, but we needn’t have worried: Fallon and the Roots bring a positively joyful vibe to the chilly hit. The kazoo never bothered us anyway.

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