Watch Carrie Fisher Hilariously Ad-Lib in 'Catastrophe' Sneak Peek — the Final Role She Filmed Before Her Death

Catastrophe costar and co-creator Sharon Horgan tells PEOPLE Carrie Fisher's dialogue in the clip was "off the top of her head"

Carrie Fisher had just wrapped season 3 of Catastrophe before boarding a fateful flight from London to Los Angeles on Dec. 23, and suffering a mid-air heart attack that led to her death.

Costar and co-creator Sharon Horgan was with the legendary star in the final days of her life, and tells PEOPLE Fisher consistently had the cast and crew in stitches — including while filming this clip, which debuts exclusively here.

Horgan explains of the scene: “She and I are together in the sitting room, and she starts talking about a TV show that she’s watching called My Children Are Schizophrenic, and that whole little ramble about the show was off the top of her head. And every time she did it, we’d call cut and the whole place would crack up laughing.”

Horgan, 46, says convincing the Star Wars icon to do the U.K.-based show was a dream come true for her and co-creator and fellow star Rob Delaney, and it took a while for them to stop being so starstruck.


“We were so shocked to have her in the show that it took us awhile to start seeing her as a human and not as an icon, someone so far removed from our lives and our world. We were just sort of dumbfounded,” she says.

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Tragically, Horgan says Fisher died just as their connection was deepening, and as Horgan was envisioning an even greater role for Fisher in season 4.

“It’s not so much a specific scene idea, I just wish we could spend more time with her and her character,” she explains. “It felt like there was a lot to play with and a lot do, and we’re not going to get to do it so I should shut up.”

Moving forward, Horgan says, “Now it’s about honoring her character in the next season. Trying to find a way to deal with it without being morbid and sad. It’s going to be hard to do it justice, but we’re going to try to do it in a way that feels right.”

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