Watch Britney Spears's Wild Reaction to Lightning Strike

The The X Factor judge shrieks sans says, "We need to get outta here"

Photo: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

On The X Factor Wednesday, Britney Spears was cool and composed as she sweetly sang “Happy Birthday” to fellow judge L.A. Reid. But on Thursday’s show, the pop star loses her cool – when lighting strikes.

In a clip of the episode, Spears reacts by screaming multiple times, making a wacky face – and swearing – when lightning strikes and thunder booms during auditions in Greensboro, N.C.

“Are you okay?” asks a giggling Demi Lovato, who doesn’t seem too concerned about the weather.

“Oh my god!” says Spears, “That [expletive] is scary as [expletive].”

“I spit all over you, I’m sorry,” she adds to Lovato. “We need to get outta here.”

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