In the new reality series Singletown, five couples put their relationships to the test by taking a summer break from their romantic partners

By Kara Warner
August 13, 2020 01:00 PM

Ever fantasized about taking a break from your committed romantic relationship, no strings attached? HBO Max's new reality show Singletown features five couples doing just that.

The 15-episode series takes place in London and — as you'll see in the exclusive trailer above — revolves around five couples who decide to be single for the summer and live separately in two luxury apartments.

Each person gets the opportunity to meet new potential romantic partners and go on expensive, over-the-top romantic dates. At the end of each week, the former couples meet to take part in a "Love Locket" ceremony during which they reveal whether they've chosen to get back together with their former partner or want to stay single in Singletown.

HBO Max/Keshet Productions

To add to the drama, the two luxury apartments housing the new singles are in the same complex. The contestants are even shown videos of their former partners on dates with other people, and in one case, kissing them.

The two groups of singles are guided by two mentors: comedian, television presenter and actor Joel Dommett and actress, television presenter and author Emily Atack.

HBO Max/Keshet Productions

The five couples are Claudia and Rob; Sophie and George; Tash and Luke; Selin and Jeremiah; and Elliott and Charlie. We see quick glimpses of all of them either making new connections with others or confronting their exes as tears streaming down their faces.

"You're making me question my five-year relationship because of how special you are," one young man says to another, later followed by a serious conversation between a former couple about the state of their relationship: "Being with everyone has made me realize I don't need you to be happy."

All 15 episodes of Singletown will be available on HBO Max on Aug. 20.