Was Simon Too Hard on Danny & Garrett?

Photo: Frank Micelotta/Fox

After 18-year-old Danny Noriega took to the stage to sing “Jailhouse Rock” by the legendary Elvis Presley, judges Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul praised his performance but said they thought the song choice was too safe for someone with such great vocals. Simon Cowell, on the other hand, called his performance “grotesque,” “hideous,” and “awful.”

When it was Garrett Haley‘s turn, the 17-year-old sang a Neil Sedaka song. During the judges’ critique, Randy and Paula gave him constructive criticism, advising Haley to “be creative” and to try a more up tempo version of the song. Simon’s criticism: “You look as if you’ve been shut up in your bedroom for about a month.” He went on to tell Haley that he looked almost “haunted” and that he needed “some fresh air.”

Tell us: Was Simon too harsh on these young contestants? Or was he just being honest?

Frank Micelotta/Fox; Splash News Online

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