The View star wonders why nobody wants to be in touch with her online
Credit: Mark VonHolden/DMI

She’s butted heads with heads of state, endured the tug o’war between Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump, even been mercilessly parodied on SNL – but there’s one thing Barbara Walters admits intimidates her: her MySpace page.

“I am now on MySpace,” the broadcast veteran, 78, told her View co-producer Bill Geddie on Barbara Live, her weekly Sirius radio show.

“What would bother me is if nobody got in touch with me,” she admited. “What if nobody wanted to be my friend. I would be very depressed.”

Checking the computer to see just how many friends she actually does have on her MySpace page, Geddie was forced to inform Walters she has only two: MySpace founders Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson – who just happen to be two of Walters’s 10 Most Fascinating People of 2007 to be profiled on her Dec. 6 ABC special.

“Nobody else wanted to be my friend?” said a disappointed Walters. “Nobody I went to high school with? Nobody wanted to get in touch with me?”

Her sorrowful response prompted Geddie to offer a plea to listeners.

“If you’re out there on MySpace, become a friend with Barbara Walters because it’s so depressing to look at this,” he said. “Really – just go on, say you love her or something, I watch The View all the time – something like that.”

Said Walters, with tongue planted firmly in cheek , “And that’s for real that nobody wants to be my friend? What have I done?”