Credit: Photo: NBC

This might take just the tiniest bit of sting out of the fact that last week’s episode of The Office is likely to be the last new installment we see until the writers’ strike is settled: NBC Universal is launching an online auction on Monday that will include the watch Steve Carell’s Michael Scott wore during his Dunder Mifflin adventures.

Among the other goodies up for grabs in the first batch of props at • Three Heroes paintings by artist Tim Sale. The pieces, used in the show, each foreshadowed the fate of one of the characters. • Michael Scott’s Hawaiian shirt from “The Convention” episode of The Office. • A poker set used by the cast of 30 Rock. •Friday Night Lights goodies including Tim Riggins’s jersey, a football signed by three cast members and a megaphone signed by Minka Kelly. • And a jacket signed by Las Vegas‘ Danny (Josh Duhamel).

A portion of the auction proceeds will go to the United Way, and new items will go up on the site every three weeks.

So what would be your dream prop to own from an NBC series? Kenneth’s NBC page jacket from 30 Rock? H.R.G.’s glasses from Heroes? Or maybe Jim’s messenger bag from The Office? –Kimberly Potts

Photo: NBC