How would Don Draper fare in Mayberry?

By People Staff
Updated October 13, 2014 12:30 PM
Credit: Ryansd/DeviantArt

Warning: Some graphic imagery

As The Walking Dead slowly shuffles its way back into the mainstream, the talented artists at DeviantArt are bringing their talents to bear on the show.

Not, as some would hope, by imagining the Daryl/Rick romance that we all secretly hope will happen (they’re so close and so lonely), but rather by dragging characters from other iconic television shows into the world of The Walking Dead.

Roger Sterling makes one dapper zombie. From Matthias Fahlberg.

This is controversial – to our minds, at least – because Ross is CLEARLY the Rick of the group. (From Ryan Derrick.)

Gonna be hard to pull off that dance sequence at the end of Napoleon Dynamite with a leg falling off. (From Lee Howard.)

The whole Harry-Ron-Hermione thing would be infinitely spiced up by the presence of zombies. (From user Maevezanar.)

Having Elsa’s Frozen powers would probably make the zombie apocalypse a lot more bearable. (From user Kasami-Sensei.)

Over the course of 25 or so “Treehouse of Horror” episodes, The Simpsons has definitely seen zombies invade Springfield already. (From user ADN-Z.)

Considering how much ghoulish imagery Breaking Bad dealt in throughout its run (Gus Fring’s demise, anyone?), it’d be hard making the show grosser. But this comes close! (From Tyler Reitan. )

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