NFL Girlfriend Nicole Williams on Exposing Her Relationship and Herself on E!'s 'WAGS' : 'You'll Definitely See a Lot of Nudity from Me'

"I actually had to close my eyes for a couple of the scenes I'm in," says the model of her star turn in the new reality series

Photo: Steve Shaw

Her boyfriend may be a Buccaneer, but it’s Nicole Williams who’s about to cross swords – with her WAGS costars.

Along with pals and fellow models Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson – featured here in photos given exclusively to PEOPLE by Treats! magazine – Williams is stepping out of longtime love Larry English’s shadow and into the spotlight on E!’s latest reality series, which exposes the elite world of pro athletes’ partners.

Williams tells PEOPLE that, when the show kicks off next week, she’ll quickly become “the middle man” in a sort of class warfare: “You know this hierarchy they talk about – there’s wives, there’s fiancées, there’s girlfriends,” she says. “The wives are kind of not so nice to the girlfriends because they feel like we might not be around for very long.”

Since Williams is nearly four years into her relationship with the Tampa Bay offensive lineback, things have gradually warmed up between the wives and her – but not so for Halcro, who dates NFL free agent Shaun Phillips, or for Halcro’s cousin and business partner Pierson, who’s been linked to players from the Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers and Los Angeles Clippers.

“Natalie and Olivia really want to be friends with everybody, including the wives, and they’re not being accepted into the circle,” says Williams.

That said, “Natalie and Olivia are definitely trouble-makers,” she says playfully of her pals, which will land Williams in the center of “a lot of drama.”

“The only time I have conflict is if I’m taking up for my friends,” she says. “I’m pretty much the peacekeeper. Sometimes I do regret it.”

Indeed, having wild friends can be a double-edged affair: Fun for viewers – “When you want a little bit of excitement, the flashing, nudity, late-night skinnydipping, that’s me, Natalie and Olivia all the way,” she teases – but also worrisome as Williams, who admits she’s more used to the still photography of the modeling world, sees her actions play out on camera.

“There’s a lot of nudity in everyday life, actually,” she admits with a laugh. “I just saw the teaser for the first episode, and you’ll definitely see a lot of nudity from me. … There are a lot of explicit [situations], a lot of blurring out. I actually had to close my eyes for a couple of the scenes I’m in.”

She explains, “The cameras are on us 24/7, and sometimes I tell Larry, ‘I forget, and I’m just acting like myself – I’m embarrassed, I don’t know if your mom to see this!’ ”

Other NSFP (Not Suitable for Parents) things to watch out for?

“I’m not so nice to [“jersey chasers”],” admits Williams of the gridiron groupies who swarm her man.

“You’re going to see some emotions flying between me and Larry. We have a really good relationship, but I’m definitely working on the jealousy,” she says. “There’s a million haters out there. The moment they see Larry alone, they’re all on top of him. Larry tells me I just need to work on letting him handle it because I’m always vicious … and these girls really do test you.”

But Williams does say she’s more of a flasher than a fighter … for now: “I’m not really a go-getter when it comes to fighting – if I have to, I will, but I don’t think there’s been any earrings being ripped off. Not yet anyway!”


– which also stars Sasha Gates, who’s married to San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates; Ashley North, who’s engaged to Washington Redskins free safety Dashon Goldson; Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Seyi Ajirotutu’s wife Autumn Ajirotutu and Barbie Blank, fiancée of former Anaheim Ducks player Sheldon Souray – premieres Aug. 18 on E!

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