January 02, 2018 12:00 PM

WAGS Atlanta is kicking off its first season by dialing up on the drama.

In an exclusive first look at the premiere of WAGS Atlanta, E!’s franchise about the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes, Kaylin Jurrjens gets emotional after some shocking news about her husband’s career is revealed.

During the episode, viewers learn that her husband — Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher JJ Jurrjens — had been suspended for 80 days. The Associated Press reported that the baseball player was suspended after testing positive for Testosterone that did not originate in his body.

But instead of letting the negative news get in the way of her life, Kaylin — a former Miss Georgia winner — decided to “put the pageant smile on” and attend a party at her friend Kierra’s house.

While the night started off fine, eventually Kaylin became overwhelmed and locked herself in the bathroom before making an unannounced exit.

“I was just in survival mode and I — ,” Kaylin later explained, before breaking down into tears.

“I love JJ so much and you never want to see anybody that you love suffering,” she continued. “Baseball is his life. It’s everything to him. So it’s just heartbreaking.”

WAGS Atlanta premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on E!

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