3 Ways True Rock Stars Prep for the VMAs (Hint: Nude Selfies!)

Ed Sheeran's makeup artist looks really familiar to us...

Photo: Courtesy Kesha

As the rest of us settle into the couch and pile on the empty calories that herald the arrival of another awards season, stars are giving us a peek at their own pre-show routines, and theirs are – shockingly – slightly cooler than ours.

For those trying to glean a few tricks for how to get ready for the VMAs like a REAL ROCK STAR, we’re here with three pro tips:

1. Post the sexier selfie.

“Just doesn’t feel right NOT posting a partially nude pre-VMA look,” Kesha posted on Instagram from her dressing room backstage. Note to self: If you’re going to Instagram a partially-nude pic, you could do a lot worse for a hashtag than “rainbownakedboob.”

2. Get Taylor Swift To Finish Off Your Makeup.

Oh, who’s Ed Sheeran‘s artist? Just Taylor Swift. Getting one of the world’s biggest pop stars to do your blush? That’s a power move.

3. Find your own hit song on the radio while driving over.

Kiesza, up for her first VMA for “Hideaway,” posted this amazing clip of stumbling upon her own radio hit while on the road in to the awards. Meta.

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