"We honestly have no problems with Jake," Kahl tells PEOPLE
Credit: Dave Proctor/Startraks

Is the Jake Pavelka-Vienna Girardi-Kasey Kahl triangle on ABC’s Bachelor Pad as tumultuous as it appears?

Well, the three won’t be sharing tea anytime soon, but the show’s power couple said they actually don’t harbor any ill will toward the former Bachelor star.

“Let me publicly say that we honestly have no problems with Jake,” Kahl told PEOPLE Saturday at Las Vegas’s Studio 54. “We wish Jake the best. Seriously, we’re happy. We came to play the game and we did. I wish him the best and she wishes him the best. We’re so happy and we really want him to be happy, too.”

Girardi, Pavelka’s former fiancée, said, “It’s forgiven, it’s forgotten. Good luck to him in whatever endeavors he wishes to do.”

Letting bygones be bygones, the couple, who recently moved in together, said they had to come into the show with a chip on their shoulders because they had a target on their backs.

“We had to go in strong,” Girardi said. “We’re not villains. We’re good friends with everyone on the show.”