VIDEO: Whitney & Olivia's Office Spat on 'The City'

It’s getting awkward on The City between Whitney Port and her DVF coworker Olivia Palermo. In an exclusive clip from Monday’s episode, Whitney and Olivia get into a heated discussion at the office about what went down the night before.

Here’s what happened: Whitney’s boyfriend Jay was performing at The Cutting Room in New York City and Olivia was invited, but showed up late. To make up for it, Olivia asked Jay’s band Tamarama to perform at a charity gala after the group she had booked backed out at the last minute. At the event, Jay and his bandmates showed up underdressed, according to Olivia, so her cousin, Nevan, started talking smack about them while they’re playing. When the set is over, Jay walked out without saying goodbye.

The City airs Monday on MTV (10 p.m. ET).

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