The reality show host calls Survivor: Blood vs. Water "one of the best seasons we've ever had"

By Patrick Gomez
November 18, 2013 08:45 AM

Jeff Probst has hosted Survivor for 27 seasons, but there are still twists and turns that keep him on his toes.

This season – entitled Survivor: Blood vs. Water – pitted former Survivor contestants against their loved ones for the first time in the CBS reality competition’s 13-year history.

“It is one of the best seasons we’ve ever had,” Probst tells PEOPLE in an exclusive video. “[The twist] has added more layers and more emotion to the show than I think we ever had.”

And with just 11 castaways left in the competition, Probst is promising a “strong finish” to the already dramatic season.

“This is when it is going to get really good,” says the 52-year-old, who recently stripped down for an episode of Two and a Half Men. “Because sooner or later somebody is going to have to decide, ‘Do I vote out my loved one before they vote me out?’ ”

Survivor: Blood vs. Water airs Wednesdays on CBS.