The former contestants say who they think has what it takes to go far.

February 17, 2016 06:05 PM

It happens every season.

A Survivor contestant will make a colossal blunder that costs him the game. As soon as the episode airs, Survivor fans take to social media and tell the contestant what they should have done. Just ask Survivor alum and PEOPLE blogger Stephen Fishbach; to this day, he still gets messages from Monday morning quarterbacks telling him what he did wrong on both seasons that he played.

But in reality, only the show’s 478 contestants truly understand what it takes to play Survivor: the starvation, the elements, the psychological torture.

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So while we have some favorites for Survivor: Kaoh Rong,, we decided to go to the experts to see who they think stands out as possible winners.

Earlier this month, three contestants from Survivor: Worlds Apart appeared at a charity meet and greet. The event, held at Paramount Fine Foods in Orlando, Florida, raised money for Give Kids the World. PEOPLE sat down with Carolyn Rivera, Sierra Dawn Thomas, and two-time contestant Joe Anglim to see who they liked – and who they didn’t like – for the win. Their answers are in the above video.

So what does it take to succeed on Survivor?

“It’s about reading people,” Anglim tells PEOPLE. “Your interpersonal skills and your relationships. You have to know how to talk to people and how people work.”

“I also think self control is important,” adds Thomas. “Not losing your temper, staying calm. The climate and the elements are super hard, so if you can stay calm, you can probably make it far.”

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Adds Rivera: “There’s also a lot of luck involved. So everything has to work out for you to do well.”

And who are their favorites on this cast? They unanimously liked Neal Gottlieb, an ice cream entrepreneur from California. Another standout: Elisabeth Markham, the MIT grad who works as a quantitative strategist from New York.

“But you never can tell,” says Rivera. “It’s Survivor. Anything can happen. Anything.”

Survivor: Kaoh Rong premieres Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. ET on CBS.

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