Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

It’s a Dancing with the Stars party!

In honor of its 200th episode, ABC’s hit show invited dozens of former contestants back to the ballroom to celebrate.

Drew Lachey, Apolo Anton Ohno, Florence Henderson, Jake Pavelka and other celebrities walked the red carpet and chatted with PEOPLE about what it’s like to be a spectator rather than a competitor.

“Being a spectator is very relaxing,” Jennifer Grey says, “but doing it is a lot more fun and exciting.”

Brady Bunch mom Henderson, who was eliminated Oct. 19, agrees that the thrill of the competition is what the show is all about.

“When you sit in the audience and watch, you root for everybody and you feel the energy,” she says. “But when you are participating, [you get] butterflies in your stomach and the desire to really be good.”