The Tonight Show's "Pup Quiz" game rewards contestants with puppies for every correct answer

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated October 28, 2015 11:00 AM

The Tonight Show has gone to the dogs – and thank goodness.

Jimmy Fallon put actress Drew Barrymore to the test with animal trivia during her appearance on the late-night show on Tuesday. One the line? The possession of some irresistibly cute and oh-so-fluffy golden retriever puppies.

For each question correctly answered in the Jeopardy-style segment, titled “Pup Quiz,” the contestant was rewarded with a dog. If the question was answered incorrectly, the puppy was instead given to the opponent.

While Barrymore took a strong lead – at one point her lap was covered with three little guys – Fallon reigned victorious, ending the segment with six goldens attacking his face with kisses.

Fallon even continued to poke fun at his own clumsiness during the quiz, warning a rambunctious pup to “be careful” around his “very delicate” fingers (the host injured both his hands over the past few months).

The game is a popular Tonight Show segment – back in August, Salma Hayek reclined while tiny, fluffy puppies nestled in her arms.

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