Saturday Night Live has released bonus footage of Kate McKinnon's Justin Bieber impression

By Naja Rayne
Updated August 18, 2015 10:00 PM
Credit: Courtesy Calvin Klein

Kate McKinnon came into her own this past year on Saturday Night Live, and one of the biggest moments of her Emmy-nominated past season had to be her eerily spot-on impression of Justin Bieber in a parody of the singer’s Calvin Klein commercial.

Just as funny, if not funnier, is the bonus footage. A video posted on Saturday Night Live‘s YouTube channel features the hilarious extra takes that didn’t make the final cut.

McKinnon expertly plays off falling from a scooter, makes a perfect layup and enjoys her newfound “manhood” in some of the most hilariously perverted ways possible. Who would’ve thought to dribble a basketball with that enhanced body part?

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In the video, McKinnon’s costar Cecily Strong does her best to keep a straight face, but McKinnon’s over-the-top Bieber impersonation sometimes gets the best of her, and she just has to laugh at McKinnon’s antics.