Amy Schumer revealed to The Late Show host Stephen Colbert that she rummaged through Jake Gyllenhaal's belongings while renting his apartment

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated September 12, 2015 02:05 PM
Credit: CBS

Amy Schumer isn’t concerned with proper house guest etiquette – even when her host is a celebrity.

The actress revealed to The Late Show host Stephen Colbert that she couldn’t help but rummage through Jake Gyllenhaal‘s belongings while she and her sister rented his two-bedroom apartment.

“It wasn’t that expensive, trust me,” Schumer told Colbert when he balked at the A-list digs. “You know I’m not rich yet.”

When Colbert asked if Schumer ever got nosy during her stay, she admitted to going “through all of Jake’s stuff.”

“Of course I did … everything,” she said. “The one thing that he did leave, because he really gutted the place, he left a frozen cake in his freezer and it was very old.”

Schumer, 34, said that – despite the sweet being inedible – every time she got drunk she’d eat chunks of the cake.

“I would get drunk and I would eat it and I would talk as if he were there and I was at the party that the cake was served at,” Schumer revealed.

Luckily, the Trainwreck star even had proof of her misdeeds – one of the drunken munching sessions was caught on video.

As Schumer chewed away at a giant, pink cake, she called herself “a princess,” adding, “I’m living here so I’m eating it.”

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